Influenza Triggers Flu, Fever And Fever

If you still remember the fear of SARS, please take a look at the flu: in 1918, worldwide influenza pandemic caused 40 million deaths; in 1957, worldwide influenza epidemic claimed one million lives; 1968 popular about 70 million people died. You may not want to hear those above are too distant history, that talk about the nearby Hong Kong, in early 2015, large-scale influenza caused 447 deaths, and then we talk about Taiwan, from July 1, 2015 to March 8, 2016, Taiwan’s accumulated 1423 cases of severe flu, including 121 deaths, killing more than SARS. So ferocious infectious diseases, is definitely human “disaster,” but please remember, from 2003 to today, the world did not see more than a decade of SARS footprint, but, “flu” every year come.  Nice Cars

Historical experience tells us that human progress can be obtained from the history of failure, after tomorrow, how do we face the “flu”? Dear Mom and Dad, we can at least take it step by step, let us first find out years of confusion “cold” with the “flu”, then the first while trying not exclude influenza vaccine.

“Cold” and “flu”, is a completely different disease

Last summer, there was a mother asked grapefruit, MD: “Children’s class recently a lot of people a cough, runny nose, this is the flu?” Grapefruit physicians spend a lot of effort to explain to the mother that the child is “cold”, even if recently class “is pandemic flu,” this disease is still not “flu”; in turn, there are other patients, physicians in grapefruit because of high fever and muscle pain diagnosis is “flu”, under lax expression and said: “so just a little cold it! recently popular cold, right? “did not mind the look of surprise physicians make grapefruit!

Original foreign, cold call “common cold,” flu called “flu” two sick little confused. If the physician reading the patient, the patient smiled and said: “just a common cold.” The patient will feel relaxed because one will be cured within two weeks; but if the physician reading the patient, with the patient said: “You got the flu. “patient himself must be vigilant, there are many considerations to pay attention, can cause severe flu death.

Further explained, “flu” is caused by the influenza virus, the English called the Influenza virus; “cold” is mostly caused by a rhinovirus, English is called Rhinoviruses. Two completely different viruses, so that everyone in the translation had been a misunderstanding, “flu” absolutely not “cold,” and certainly not “popular” cold ‘

Over the years, whenever grapefruit physicians recommend flu vaccinations when occasionally heard my mother replied: “We never get a flu vaccine.” This answer is actually quite tricky, is not simply just refuse, including the implication: “Influenza vaccine, not a good thing “,” Why to fight vaccine to prevent colds? ” you do not sell a “, etc. Wait until the beginning of the influenza pandemic, children with a high fever and muscle aches for medical treatment, the physician asked grapefruit when there is no vaccine to fight the flu, mother’s answer was: “Originally the fight, but has no way to fight a cold,” sighed a grapefruit in the hearts of physicians breath, in fact, grapefruit doctors always remember, my mother had never intended to let the child get a flu vaccine, but now change the argument for their own interpretation.  Free Prox Prox Free

Please be assured that medical evidence, studies show that over the years: “Get a flu vaccine can indeed reduce the chance of getting the flu,” “to give people the flu severe complications and even death, most people are not vaccinated,” although there are always exceptions in medicine situation, but can not because of a very small number of exceptional cases, fear of flu vaccinations.  Best Router for Gaming

Influenza is equivalent to a “disaster” of the disease, can be aggressive to the onset of a few days, until the brain or heart attack lungs, any clever means are difficult to back days in advance can prevent the vaccine is definitely on the hit policy. Grapefruit physician he had been in the intensive care ward, crying to see their families before pounding heart regret why did not give their children immunized, so feel really special deep. Croydon to Gatwick

Physicians also here grapefruit mother replies above overtones, “grapefruit own physicians every year to fight the flu vaccine, influenza vaccine is a good thing,” “cold with the flu is a completely different disease, flu vaccination can prevent influenza is any death does not prevent a cold, ” shot in recent years, more and more, there are a few old professor old doctor sighed:! “If all diseases have a shot a few years pediatric patients have not the” when physicians grapefruit recommends flu vaccination, you also believe that physicians in selling it?

The Day After Tomorrow, if we can, “flu disaster” multi-learn anything, the first thing is not to overlook the “flu”; second thing is, from today, to find out “cold” with the “flu” is a completely different diseases; the third thing is, every year the flu vaccine to fight it!

The Best Tips Of How To Convince Boss

  1. To make the words sound more convincing, it is necessary to increase the volume and repeat the focus on, and do not scratch when it comes to end, it should be properly manufactured pause.

    how to convince boss
    how to convince boss
  2. feel the loss of freedom and the right to choose, but will reduce the compliance requirements of others possible.
  3. In other words, the other side would like to create a selection when asked to convince people, like the poor with a clear program, either directly asked to select the good after, that is, good or bad to skip a stage, can trigger the other party refused guilt and think they made a heartfelt, not decided external pressure, thereby increasing the chances of success to convince.
  4. Human conflicts to the last pair of emotional problems often evolve hominem, so in order to avoid people have a defensive mentality, could use more ‘we’ as a beginning, to emphasize each other in case of a common destiny, desalination ‘personal ‘role in the discussion.The combination of the original content, and open into the main part of additional promotions, will bring out all the outset than beef is more attractive, but also has been widely used in the sale of goods.
  5. The combination of the original content, and open into the main part of additional promotions, will bring out all the outset than beef is more attractive, but also has been widely used for the sale of goods.
  6. Apply to the office, you can also measure how batches to produce chips, do not start going to work overtime showdown already, but are willing to work overtime in addition to achieve your perfect plan ── So be sure to let you try.
  7. Psychology found that people are often subject to the majority of people affected, and identity groups hope to have consistent behavior. Like TV shopping will tell you which phone line is busy, but also want you to think that everyone is buying, so you should have a.
  8. This means that, if your idea has always been that the majority of people employed, although they raised it: I know what you think, but look at the survey, they are doing so even now
  9.  Scenes from the conference table change proposal scene, objects from the boss replaced with customers,

in order to win business or budget, we have to talk and talk per minute.

  • However, the cruel reality is always:
  • “Talking” is not equal to “popular”,
  • “high popularity” does not guarantee “high performance”!
  • Put more, grasp the focus, often in vain, for naught.
  • Because to make people nod, the key is not “speaking”,

but in the end is that you have no “convincing”!

You are not often such problems: Weekdays talking with the boss, but on a conference table, as if under the spell, the case have been repeatedly beaten back the ticket; or obviously to get along with customers themselves, to deal juncture, it is always stall or declined, only to inquiries by telling her toys.

Why articulate, skilled relationships you, trying to mingle with everyone, “high popularity” can not be converted into “high performance”? Although you popular attention, briefing also no cold, but at the crucial moment, the face of the boss, the final choice of customers, is still unknown Jiu Li’s defeated?  Web Design 2017

The reason may be: You are a “say” do not understand “convincing”!

As early as the Warring States period, good lobbying strategy, known as the originator of Political Strategists Guiguzi, had revealed “convince” the esoteric.

He will “convince” ready to be seen as a series of rendering process <Bai He> <response> <hides article>, <right articles> other articles discuss how to collect information to determine convince object character, status , wisdom and other qualities.  Proxy Sites

What Are The Causes Of of Cold, Flu And Influenza?

After the Spring cold, flu and influenza have the peak period in most of the countries, influenza formal learning called influenza, is caused by influenza viruses in acute respiratory disease. Influenza generally spread in January-March and in July and August.flu and cold

The cold disease spreads due to cold Shushizaohuo to feel the cold pathogen or pathogenic wind dominated, we usually will say accidentally blown down, or do not care, “the pro-cold”, in fact, the same meaning. The cold winter mainly related to spring mainly related with the wind, so it is believed that the flu is more common in winter and spring.

Western medicine is considered the influenza virus infection, mainly in three different types, namely alpha, beta, and gamma. Influenza A virus according to another surface of the virus hemagglutinin (haemagglutinin, ie, H) and neuraminidase Tui (neuraminidase, ie, N) type two antigens, which are subdivided into different types, in January this year,

Because these viruses change large body No antibodies can immediately recognize them, so the body not associated with resistance, it is easier for the body to get flu symptoms, while the new flu virus has spread more than fast and wide. From the Chinese point of view, with this highly contagious virus known as influenza virus when the line, sometimes as early as the Sui Dynasty ago, according to the line’s disease, and Chinese medicine characteristics of the line when the virus is likely to cause disease, Any season, of severe disease, contagious epidemic.

Western medicine is generally considered to influenza virus infection, taking Tamiflu and other antiviral drugs can accelerate the healing rate, but antibiotics are not appropriate because the flu is not a bacterial infection, antibiotics can only be effective in killing the bacteria failed to kill the virus. TCM will generally be divided into three different types of influenza.

Cold type, winter, and spring are generally more hair, more patient cold, runny, cough sputum dilute available basil leaves 10g, Nepeta 10g, licorice 3g, boiling water 20 minutes to drink. Wind-heat type, compared to patients span, streaming yellow tears, cough yellow sputum, available honeysuckle 10g, 20 Fenzhong drinking mint 6g, bellflower 3g, boiling water. Shushi type, more common in the summer in July and August, the patient may appear obvious diarrhea and vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms, available Agastache 10g, Perrin 10g, ginger 2, boiling water 20 minutes after drinking.

Cold is not a big deal, can the flu or H1N1 influenza as a cold, it can be much good. Lighter said flu-like symptoms much heavier, recovery time is longer, the heavier that the H1N1 flu may cause respiratory failure, shock, life-threatening. Experts said that despite the global influenza pandemic has ended, but in view of its still popular and circulated in the local area, we still can not be taken lightly. If there is a cold accompanied by fever, severe joint pain and other systemic symptoms, the best time to the hospital, to refrain from the common cold as casually cope, delay in treatment time.

“Extremely low” is a disaster for humanity, grapefruit physicians to remind all friends, “flu” is a human catastrophe.

If you do not think “the flu” is a human disaster, please let grapefruit physicians with SARS in 2003 to explain to everyone. At that time the world’s SARS epidemic, train stations, and airports to monitor temperature, shut down all international meetings all around the world there are 8098 people get SARS, the total number of deaths 774 people, 13 million people in Taiwan because of SARS have been isolated cases have finalized 346 cases, including 73 deaths.